Staging With Sheila

Preparing your home for sale can be something as simple as moving a few pieces of furniture, de-cluttering counters, closets and garages, or it can be more significant requiring paint, updating appliances and yard improvements. It all depends on the home, its current condition and how much the seller is able to do.

Statistically it has been proven that the “Wow” effect produces a more favorable and quicker offer. Buyer respond to homes that they can walk into and immediately see their furnishings fitting, enjoying the colors they see on walls and floors; visualizing themselves and their family living in the home.

I generally begin by walking through the home with my sellers listing anything that we think is less than satisfactory without regard to cost or time. We then go back and review the list to determine what they can and cannot do.

It’s not always possible for the seller to accomplish everything to make this happen, yet whatever is done to improve that first impression is well worth the time and effort.

I have been a Realtor since the late ‘70’s and have had extensive experience in helping prepare homes for sale and seeing the difference in market time and final agreed upon sales price based upon the homes condition. I’m very ’hands on” in process and have wonderful resources to folks that can help make it happen.

My goal for all my sellers is to help them prepare their home for sale so as to obtain the highest price in the least amount of time!